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You have found the B.C.G.S. Newsletter online edition. This is available free to anyone.

The Bond County Genealogical Society News Quarterly began publication in March 1982 and continued uninterrupted through Spring 2011. After a few short years’ break, a fresh newsletter committee rebooted The B.C.G.S. News in a twice-yearly format, combining both Genealogical and Historical Society news and interests. The first volume of the new format Newsletter was published January 2014.


BCGS Membership benefits include early access to new issues emailed directly to your inbox. The issues are subsequently archived on this website. Genealogical Society (and Historical Society) members may subscribe to the B.C.G.S. News by sending your name and email address via the web contact form.


Submissions to The B.C.G.S. News are encouraged. These may include family genealogies, photos, queries, and genealogical or historical articles. If you have a submission for the next Genealogical Society Newsletter, please send to bcgs_editor @, bring to a meeting, or send via post mail (address at bottom of page). All submissions are subject to editing and/or serialization over multiple issues. To be included in upcoming issues, we’ll need your submissions by the end of December for Winter / June for Summer.

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All newsletters are copyrighted by Bond County Genealogical Society, All Rights Reserved! They are to be used solely for research purposes for genealogists and historians and not to be redistributed.

For ease of viewing, each file is in a pdf format, downloaded inside a compressed zip file. Right-click/Tap the zip file to extract the pdf. PDF files can be viewed using Nitro PDF Reader, Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader, or similar formats.

Back Issues of Newsletter, Vols 29-39 (PDF)

Current Issue: Volume 39 Issue 1, Winter January 2024

Back Issues of Quarterly, Vols 0-28 (PDF)

Back volumes of quarterlies Volumes 0-28 have been digitized and are now available FOR FREE to download and read in OCR PDF from our “cloud” shared drive. Volumes 1-28 are also available in bound book form in the BCGS Library located on the lower level of the Greenville Public Library.

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